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A heart of GOLD and sheer determination makes Phoenix Rogers a girl that will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

Phoenix is just 8 years old, the daughter of Football superstar Mat Rogers and TV personality Chloe Maxwell, and is one of our #JMFKids4Kids 8 weeks participants. She will complete an Ironman distance triathlon by swimming 4.8km, ride 180km and run 42.2km over 8 weeks because she wants to make a difference to the lives of children her own age who live in wheelchairs.

“I have already told Dad I will do an Ironman with him one day, but I’m just a kid so completing an Iron distance triathlon over an 8 weeks is pretty good for now”

She wants to raise as much money as she can to help children in wheelchairs.

“I think it’s so sad that some kids can’t do certain sports because they are in wheelchairs. I am hoping to raise lots of money to make lots of kids in wheelchairs smile … Mu mummy and Daddy like helping kids too. I am excited to do what i love and help raise money to help kids.”

Phoenix has a love for triathlon and won her age group in the Like Harrop Triathlon in Southport last year. Watch out! … This girl could one day represent Australia in the Olympics or at the IRONMAN World Championships as a professional triathlete.

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Phoenix is working hard to change lives of young Australian's in wheelchairs.

Phoenix is working hard to change lives of young Australian’s in wheelchairs.

Daddy just bought me a rainbow Python for swimming another 575m today yay!

I have a big rainbow tongue! Just kidding! Daddybought me a rainbow Python for finishing swim training. Another 600m today yay!