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Challenge 4 Change is a campaign that Stephane from Geelong Performance Coaching has instigated not only to raise money to change the lives of children living in wheelchairs but to share the stories of three athletes who are fighting through some serious injuries after serious bike crashes.

I am a Director and level 2 Head Coach at Geelong Performance Coaching. I have coached full time for seven years in Australia and until recently my squad had never had a serious accident.

Recently my world was turned upside down when three squad members were involved in life changing serious accidents, all in the space of a month.

Late November 2015, one of my best friends, Craig Morgan was involved in a hit and run incident which nearly took his life and left him with extensive internal and external injuries, including his spine. He is on the road to recovery with a mission to hopefully learn to walk again.

A month later Jo Monaghan was riding with us and her wheel picked up a piece of metal that sliced her fork off resulting in a heavy fall on her face. She was in a coma for 2 weeks. Her mission will be to hopefully learn to speak again.

Lastly Zoe Adams, one of my most talented athletes, fell hard on her shoulder and broke her collarbone in three pieces, which required surgery and a long forced break.

These crashes made me realize that everyone who rides a bike is vulnerable and nobody is safe from the possibility of a run in with a motorist or a freak accident. These accidents have affected me deeply as a coach, a cyclist and a person and not a day goes by where they are not in my thoughts.

Please help my squad and I raise some money for the John Maclean Foundation who exists to change the lives of young Australians who live in wheelchairs. The money they raise goes towards purchasing equipment and making modifications to cars and homes to ensure that these children and their families remain active and included in their everyday lives.

I want to raise money for young Australian’s who live in wheelchairs and bring them financial support to help rebuild and modify their lifestyle.

I am challenging myself to break 9 hours at IRONMAN New Zealand and or IRONMAN WA for the first time at the age of 40.

Every donation will make me push myself even harder to reach this goal and if I come in under 9 hours I would like to encourage you to double your donation!

Help Stephane achieve his goal and donate today!