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An update to celebrate International Wheelchair Day!

An update to celebrate International Wheelchair Day!

What better way to celebrate today than to share a special update from Talitha who was a grant recipient from our JMF Kids 4 Kids 2015 presentation.

She melted all our hearts with her adorable smile and cheeky personality.

We love getting updates from our families so we can see and share with you the amazing changes that our grants have on the lives of the children we help.

We were so excited to receive this update from Talitha’s mum.

Talitha is loving school! 

Thank you so much for your generous funding of supporting Talitha starting school and giving her an opportunity to playing independently. 

The drum set was a huge hit! Thank you so much! It came just in time for Christmas.


Talitha playing the drums on her Band Jam musical unit which was part of the Grant she received.