“I feel privileged to be part of a team that delivers, to kids with needs, the support they deserve”.

A little bit about PJ

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In 2012 Australian Triathlete Pete Jacobs achieved his 10 year dream of winning the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. His ‘less is more’ approach had also helped him place 2nd in 2011 and gave him the 3rd fastest marathon in the races history in 2010, a 2:41:05.

While winning the Hawaii Ironman was his ultimate goal, Pete is young enough and talented enough to be winning Ironman races for the next ten years. His career is still in the early developmental stages. He can become the most successful Ironman triathlete ever.

Pete actively promotes JMF’s activities within the Ironman community and encourages athletes to be a JMF Supporter.

How Pete Became Involved with JMF

Pete met John on a JMF ride, when Pete was a young triathlete.   JMF became Pete’s first unofficial sponsor, when John supplied Pete with some race kit.

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