JMF Grant Recipient Brodie Baker

JMF has come to the assistance to 5 year old Lakes Entrance resident Brodie Baker, who received a new trike and computer and educational software to the value of $6,000. Brodie, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy is now able to move around with the assistance of his Nan and Pop on his custom designed trike, which has been designed to assist with his muscle development and recovery.

Brodie is subjected to many hours of exercises each day and the trike will give him a fun way of assisting in his muscular development without it seeming like a chore. In addition to the trike, Brodie also received a new computer, a touch screen monitor and educational software that will assist in his intellectual growth and development.

JMF Grant Recipient Update

Brodie is now 11 years old, still in his wheelchair, he attends the Bairnsdale Specialists School and is doing very well.

He still has his touch screen computer and also has an iPad, which he absolutely loves. He is reading, spelling and as his teacher say’s, doing amazing Maths.(they think he is a miracle at the Royal Children’s).

A little update on Brodie: He was a shaken baby, therefore he suffered terrible brain damage ( he only has ½ a brain because he was shaken so hard).  Brodie developed Cerebral Palsy and also had a stroke from all the trauma.

He cannot walk or transfer at the moment but has a lot of movement in his legs. He is very cheeky but lovable. Andy and I are his Grandparents, we have had him since he was 6 months old.

He is going into the Royal Children’s Hospital on the 24th of June to have plates removed from his hips. He had his femurs cut on both legs to put his hips back in place as they were not sitting correctly, the operation took 7 hours.

He had the plates put in and now they are to be removed, hopefully he will only be a couple of hours this time in Surgery.

– Email from Jenny, Andy and Brodie Baker, May 2014

JMF Grant Recipient Brodie Baker (Update)

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