JMF Grant Recipients the Bowering family

Cameron (13) has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and is a quadriplegic. His brother, Benjamin (16) also has cerebral palsy. $4,000 was granted to meet the gap between funds saved and previously raised to enable the Bowerings to modify their family vehicle to install a rear entry long tunnel low floor conversion kit for wheelchair access & travel.

This grant will enable Cameron to bring his electric wheelchair home from school. This will provide him with some independence, i.e. he can now go to the movies with his brother, do his own shopping, play cricket and, move around the basketball court without being pushed around by someone. He can help with household chores, and go on outings.

The Bowering family has just returned from a 2-week holiday in South Australia. It was the first big test for their new van and it passed with flying colours.

“It is so much quicker and easier to simply drive Cameron in and be secured by the automatic locking device. Also, with ample space, it was not a puzzle to fit all our luggage in as it was with trying to fit it in the boot of our other car. When we stopped somewhere, instead of having to push Cameron around he could drive himself. Everything was so much simpler for us, and I haven’t come home with a crook back for a change”.

“One of the things we learnt when we went for a test weekend away in November, was that accommodation establishments don’t always read the special needs that they are advised of, or simply ignore them. We specify no steps because of the electric wheelchair, yet every time we encountered a step. We had the room in our new van to take Cameron’s push chair as well, which saved us. We will be investing in some portable ramps to avoid this in future”.

“Once again, we would like to express our thanks to John Maclean and his Foundation for the contribution to our cause, and the facility, relief and joy that it has provided for us”.

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