Dean Pan

16yo Dean was awarded $6,999 which has been used to purchase a Smart Drive, for his manual wheelchair.

Dean received a spinal cord injury after he dove into a river in March 2012. Dean’s injury has resulted in quadriplegia, impacting on his ability to walk and use his arms and hands. Dean is adjusting to his injury and remains an active young man who aims to be independent in all areas of his life. Dean has developed tennis elbow in both elbows due to the repetitive movement of pushing his wheelchair.

The Smart Drive significantly reduces Dean’s fatigue and minimise the stress on his upper limbs. Unlike a powered wheelchair, the smart drive is a power assist device that attaches to the manual wheelchair and will provide Dean with increased power as he pushes. It is easy to install and remove and is very lightweight. Dean now has greater access to the community and is able to engage in various activities with his peers. This has increased his independence, self-esteem and overall quality of life.

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