JMF Grant Recipient Hayley Slocombe

The John Maclean Foundation provided a new sports wheelchair to 6 year old Sydney girl Hayley Slocombe. Hayley is a real trooper and loves to participate in sport, especially tennis and her new tennis wheelchair has brought her a new lease on life as she zooms around the court and has Mum and Dad worn out just keeping up with her. Hayley suffers from Paraplegia, narrowings in the aorta, and extra rib and scoliosis.

Hayley is a member of Wheelchair Sports NSW and just loves being involved in sport and is also turning her attention to a little bit of basketball too. Her new wheelchair will allow her to participate in a number of sports, due to the manoeuvrability and stability of her custom designed chair. Hayley wants to become involved in as many physical activities and later this year will also be joining her classmates in her school tee ball team. Go Hayley!

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