JMF Grant Recipient Jason Egan

The John Maclean Foundation has thrown its support behind the ‘BIG PUSH’ for Jason Egan. Jason was a seven-year-old boy who was born with his cerebellum (back of his brain) not fully formed. Over the years his cerebellum has been and will continue to slowly deteriorate. Jason’s malformation is an extremely rare syndrome unknown to the doctors. Jason has also very weak muscle tone and is unable to sit without support and he is also unable to talk.

Jason has spent a fair portion of his life at the Royal Children’s hospital as he has a very weak immune system. Something as simple as a common cold will usually cause Jason to have a stay in hospital. This was mainly due to him not eating or drinking. Jason now has a peg feeder inserted into him and is drip fed through the peg feeder, this is to help prevent Jason from becoming dehydrated. Jason is getting heavier for his parents to lift in and out of their vehicle. He requires a modification to be pushed in and out of the vehicle, which has prompted his father Jamie to push Jason in his wheelchair from Wodonga to Melbourne to raise funds to begin a trust that will help support Jason’s ongoing medical and care needs.

Jamie has been pushing Jason in his wheelchair for over two years now, running in charity fun runs and the Melbourne marathon. We are told that you will not see a bigger smile on a kids face than Jason’s smile when he is out in the fresh air being pushed along. His smile is infectious and melts many hearts. Departing November 14, 2010 Jamie pushed Jason in excess of 320 Kilometres along Victoria’s Hume Highway, covering the distance in just six days. The run ended with a function at the Heritage Reception Centre in Epping on Saturday November 20, 2010.

The John Maclean Foundation contributed $5,000 towards Jamie and Jason’s efforts.

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