JMF Grant Recipient Jess

Jess presents with a physical disability known as multiple PterygiumSyndrome. Among other things, this condition results in short stature, and significant joint contractures and deformities. Jess attends his local mainstream school, with next year being his last at primary school. Jess is keen to be the same as his peers, and enjoy the same freedoms they do. He uses forearm crutches for most indoor mobility, but uses a manual wheelchair for most outdoor mobility, and any mobility beyond a moderate distance.

Unfortunately, the wheelchair Jess had previously, never quite fitted him correctly, and was not well set-up for him to self-propel. This meant his seating posture was poor, he was often uncomfortable, and he frequently required assistance to push his wheelchair. The John Maclean Foundation came to Jess’s assistance and provided him a new manual wheelchair which he can now move about outdoor independently just like his friends. Jess and his family were presented with $2432 at the John Maclean Foundation official presentation of funds at the Urban Hotel in St Kilda February 9th.

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