JMF Grant Recipient Nathan Smith

Nathan is sixteen years old, and is diagnosed with Lennox-Gasteau syndrome, and also has an intellectual disability. These health issues result in Nathan experiencing frequent seizures, he is restricted almost completely to a wheelchair, has virtually no communication, and requires full assistance with all personal care and daily living tasks.

Currently he is residing with his father, who is responsible for all of his care. The bathroom facilities at his father’s house were completely inadequate – too small to move Nathan around properly (to move Nathan he must be physically lifted by his father) and to bathe him. Nathan is a large child (as big as his father) and his father Geoff also has long standing back problems. Without modifications the family’s bathroom, Geoff’s ability to care for Nathan on an ongoing basis was under severe threat.

Now with the assistance of the John Maclean Foundation, Geoff was able to complete all the essential bathroom modifications required and continue to care for his son, Nathan. The John Maclean Foundation held its official presentation of funding at the Urban Hotel in St Kilda, 9th February in which Nathan and his Family attended and were presented with $5000.

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