JMF Grant Recipient Sabrina

Sabrina was a 15-year-old girl with moderate to severe Cerebral Palsy – Athetosis. As a result of her condition, Sabrina has difficulty maintaining stable postures and active movements. She presented with marked changes in muscle tone (Particularly her upper limbs) and muscle weakness is evident in her trunk and all four limbs. Sabrina is able to sit independently, but requires seating support for most activities in order that she remains safe and use her upper limbs with best effect.

Sabrina often walks indoors, over shorts distances, with a walking frame, but used a manual wheelchair (propelled by an adult) for all other mobility. As well as movement difficulties, Sabrina presents with a heart condition, which required ongoing medical monitoring. She also has a severe hearing impairment. Additionally, Sabrina’s conditions result in her needing to use AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) for expressive communication, for example, a Dunavox, which is an electronic voice output service. Sabrina and her family attended the John Maclean Foundation’s official presentation of funds at the Urban Hotel in St Kilda on 9th February where she received $5,723.90 towards a new customised Power Wheelchair which allows Sabrina to raise her seat so she can reach and work at a variety of tables and benches. It also allows Sabrina the chance of adult freedom if she eventually uses her wheelchair independently in the community.

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