Stacie Bhana

Stacie Bhana was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy – Type II at an early age. Because of her diagnosis, Stacie is dependent on her mother to support her in all aspects of personal care needs, including transfers to and from her electric and manual wheelchair.  Stacie’s mother, has a mobile hoist for use in the home, however transfers into and out of their aging car is currently done by her mother lifting Stacie. As Stacie’s mother is of slight build there was great concern for her mother’s health if this continued. If her mother injured herself from this heavy lifting, then Stacie’s care will be severely compromised.  Unfortunately, being a full time carer for Stacie, Loreigh does not have an income that would enable them to purchase a suitable vehicle or have a vehicle modified for wheelchair access. Government funding support is limited to $2,000 for vehicle modification.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of JMF Ambassador, Tony Burns, JMF was able to grant Stacie a modified vehicle. This transport system has eliminated the need for any lifting. This has greatly improve the quality of life for both Stacie and her mother.

To whom it may concern,

My names is Stacie Bhana I am eighteen years old and suffer from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. In 2012 I met the wonderful Tony Burns, before this mum had been transporting me to and from appointments etc, in our Magna. Mum would have to lift me and my manual wheelchair in and out of the car to make this possible, as I have limited strength in my arms I also had to rely on mum to push my manual wheelchair.

Tony with his amazing team (especially the John Maclean Foundation and Tony’s motivator / mentor the incredible John Maclean) worked tirelessly towards raising funds to get mum and I the wheelchair accessible vehicle which was successfully handed over to us in August of 2013.

There are no words that can thank Tony and his team of amazing people, enough for what he has provided for us. Mum is now no longer lifting me in and out of the car as I can now use my electric wheelchair wherever we go, also giving me an independence that I could have only dreamed of before we met Tony burns. Being able to go places without having to rely on anyone to push me to where I want to go, I am able to do small things that I could not have done before such as food shopping as mum can now push the shopping cart beside me.

I have also been able to do more things with my friends such as going to places like Manton Dam to watch them jet ski and generally have a great time.

Being able to access places that before seemed near impossible with my manual wheelchair and having the independence of being able to move around and do things myself is priceless and we have Tony and his team to thank for that. He is one amazing, selfless, beautiful person. He is our BIG hero!! Thank you Tony.

– Letter from Stacie Bhana, May 2014

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