JMF Kids 4 Kids Grant Recipient Troy van Heer

The Kuriel family has thrown its support behind JMF by launching ‘The JMF Kids 4 Kids’. Troy is a sixteen-year-old boy, who has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. This is the most severe classification level of cerebral palsy. Troy is currently not standing and not able to walk. Troy’s only means of ambulation is by his powered wheelchair. As Troy is in a seated position most of the day, he is at significant risk of deterioration of his hips and spine. Troy has had several weeks in hospital this year which has resulted in him being absent from school for a significant time.

A Hi-Lo Standing Frame will have a significant impact on Troy’s life at a medical, physical, social, emotional and academic level. The frame will:

  • Maintain Troy’s leg range and increase his strength of his legs. This will enable him to resume standing transfers which he is currently unable to do. He is limited to hoist transfers only. Therefore the frame will provide Troy with some greatly desired independence.
  • Enable Troy to look at his fellow students and peers face to face, thus improving his social participation and quality of life.
  • Improve Troy’s neck and arm strength, enabling him to gain the ability to use a computer at school.

The Kuriel family raised $4,038 which JMF topped up by another $962 so we could grant the $5,000 to buy Troy a Hi-Lo Standing Frame.

Thank you from Troy and his Mum

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